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"...(I've been meaning to tell you) appreciative I am of your beautiful vision for the clinic. I still smile every time I walk into it. People are constantly raving about it." - Dr. Sameer Syed at Oasis Family Dental Centre

"...Jen has made the process fun, creative and stress free. I always looked forward to the design meetings with Jen as she is very creative and had so many great ideas. I feel that it is the most important aspect of the whole process as a designer is listening and meeting your client's needs which I feel Jen did very well. She always has her client's best interest in mind and I appreciated how much effort was put forth on choosing design elements that was functional and sustainable." - Dr. Thinh Le at Aspire Smiles Family Dental Centre

"Our dental practice was truly built from the ground up and it was difficult to know whether the space could even operate as a dental office before Jennifer came in. She was instrumental in designing the floor plan, thinking through the work flow logistics, navigating around existing building features like columns to maximize our space, and much more. Once captured in the final product, she took time and care into incorporating different elements and ensuring everything flowed effortlessly together. What really impressed me about Jennifer's ability to design a beautiful office, she also helped us to navigate through discussions with potential contractors and was available to answer questions throughout the process. She is an exceptional asset to have on any team and I could not have completed this project without her help." - Dr. Mackenzie Naylor at Confluence Dental

" are doing a fantastic job! They are extremely happy with the level of service they are getting from you and the entire team." - Ivan Beljan (visioneer at Beljan Developments)

I am grateful to have an opportunity to share my experience working with Jennifer Assaly & Jennifer Buchanan Interior Design. Having these two knowledgeable designers come together as a team to pool their collective expertise on our commercial construction project was a huge asset.

They worked seamlessly with the construction management firm we chose taking time to meet regularly as a team until they completely understood our needs.

As a result, innovative plans and design ideas were produced and presented for confirmation very expeditiously. As with most projects, we had a tight timeline. The " two Jen's" , however, always delivered on time and their care and attention to detail has resulted in a medical office our entire staff is so very proud to work in!

As time has passed since, our project's completion, I have only come to appreciate more and more how those design details complement the function of our daily routine.

Just as satisfying are the daily compliments we receive from the many visitors to Park Dermatology on the high end elegance of the decor!

In summary, I have no hesitation in endorsing Jennifer Buchanan Interior Design for any commercial construction project and I would highly recommend any potential client consider retaining their services. - Dr. Chuck Lortie at Park Dermatology 

“We had our 1st day at the clinic today. All of my patients were extremely happy and impressed with the clinic and gave us a lot of compliments. The staff have been showing off the space to their family members as well. Thank you to you and your professional team who made this possible in a seamless manner.” - Dr Miral Mehta, Ophthalmologist at Stellar Integrated Eye Care

"I was very impressed with Jennifer's portfolio of beautiful new offices, I was equally impressed with her ability to work within the constraints of a renovation with a tight budget. My office needed a facelift and Jennifer provided an excellent plan with creative solutions to my office's design challenges." - Dr. Lyle Voltner at VMA Family Dentistry

"...Thank you for everything. It was wonderful working with you and you definitely delivered on an exceptional outcome. We are so happy that _____ introduced you to us and we recommend you all the time." - Dr. Richard Graham at Gateway Pediatrics Dentistry

"...we were at the clinic today and I love the finishings! Think it is looking really great!" - Tracy Beck at Beck Veterinary Clinic

"...thank you for going out of your way...acting as a consultant. You are a great collaborator, with creative ideas. You've been very helpful and inspiring...we just appreciate great people!" - Dr. Curtis Smith


2017 - Gold Award for MASI Design Awards, Institutional/ Healthcare Category

2015 - Winner for the IDA Design Excellence Award, Institutional / Healthcare Category


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